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Founded in 1887, Perrigo is a leading manufacturer of OTC products and supplier of all infant formulas for the generic market. Store brand formulas have been trusted by pediatricians, parents and caregivers, and leading retailers, including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Target. These stores sell store brand formulas under their own labels to moms and dads across the country, manufactured by us. Today, Perrigo produces a variety of routine and specialty formulas that provide complete nutrition needed for growth and development, while helping families save up to 50% compared to the nationally advertised brands. Like all infant formulas sold in the United States, store brand formulas are clinically studied and meet the same FDA nutrition and quality standards as the name brands. To learn more about Perrigo, our portfolio of store brand infant formulas, and how you can receive store brand formula rebates valued at $20 for your patients, visit