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Annual Meeting 2020 Exhibitors Video
Contact Name(s): Karen S Bakies, RDN, LD, FAND
Email: Karen.bakies@drink-milk.com
Phone: 419-350-7443
Website: www.drink-milk.com

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Lactose Intolerance vs Dairy Allergy
Size Up Your Serving 2019
Strong Bones For Your Kids

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The American Dairy Association Mideast proudly represents Ohio and West Virginia’s dairy farm families, who work hard to ensure that families and children have access to nutrient-rich foods, including milk, cheese and yogurt. Milk is the leading food source of 9 essential nutrients for children ages 2-18.
We are an affiliate of the National Dairy Council, who’s 100 plus years of experience is dedicated to fostering healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet now and for future generations with high priority on child nutrition. As a local affiliate we provide practical information and education resources on dairy’s contribution to health through science-based information, foster a commitment to sustainable nutrition, and empower youth wellness through Fuel Up To Play 60.