Ohio Beef Council
Annual Meeting 2020 Exhibitors Video
Contact Name(s): Anna Gest, MS, RDN, LD – Nutrition Coordinator
Contact Number: 614.873.6736
Website: https://www.ohiobeef.org

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The Ohio Beef Council (OBC) is a non-profit 501(c)(5) organization charged with the promotion and marketing of beef and beef products in Ohio. Checkoff dollars are used to increase beef demand through programs of promotion, research, and education. The organization is directed by a 15-member Operating Committee of cattlemen appointed by the Ohio Director of Agriculture, representing the state’s beef and veal producers. The OBC Operating Committee directs the investment of state checkoff funds to extend beef’s presence in Ohio’s schools; conducts public relations outreach and farm tours for Ohio’s food professionals; directly connects with consumers through spokesperson training programs; provides nutrition seminars for health professionals; and develops a greater statewide media presence through radio, print, and social media.